Dvě otázky naší absolventce studující vysokou školu v zahraničí

Drama is International

Meet Lucie Doležalová: our 2020 alumni (PMP) who is currently studying acting at London College of Music in London, United Kingdom.

“It’s so silly, it can’t work out!”

-Lucie Doležalová 

1) How did you come up with the idea to go study abroad at all?

I went to London for a short holiday and I met a guy who was a music producer who became my friend. I shared with him my desire to study acting and he encouraged me to apply for acting schools in England (London). I remember my thoughts like… “It’s so silly, it can’t work out” and found it impossible. I did some research and I came across an agency called Unilink. They were helpful and suddenly it didn’t seem so impossible.

2) What did you have to do to be accepted? 

First of all: Make a decision. That was the hardest one! I felt like I couldn’t leave Brno (I still think it’s the best city in Europe) because I would miss my family, friends, social life, šalinkarta, language, security… then I had to submit the following:

1. A Personal statement
2. A Reference from a teacher
3. Sending an audition video
4. Passing my English exam


Unilink assisted me with some of the tasks below as I was approaching the deadlines fast and it was difficult making the decision in such a short space of time. When I decided to make the decision they helped me with the final push applying to schools in England also choosing which university best suited me.